Workshop on crimes against women

Young Lawyers Forum (YLF) Kashmir conducted a workshop on “crimes against women” at Caset Walden Higher Secondary School, Karanagar .

The purpose of the workshop was to aware the children about gender crimes and legal provisions pertaining to it.

On the event, the guest speaker Adv. Mohammad Khurram Qureshi interacted with the students of class 9th and 10th of the school. During the session, Adv Khurram explained the students the basics of law, crimes and made them aware about some of the crimes against women that are penalized under general and special laws.

Also, the students were made aware of cyber crimes prevalent in the society such as cyber stalking, use of deep fakes, data theft and how they can safeguard themselves from it.

The event was concluded with sensitization about Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and a question and answer session.

Speaking on the occasion he underscored the need of awareness about the issues pertaining to the subject including cyber offenses and women related crimes that young school going students are prone to and in some cases are undertaken by school students without realizing that these acts amount to crimes and are punishable under law.

The event was opened by member of the YLF, Ms Osheeba Bashir. The principal and other faculty members of the school were also present during the event.

Members of Young Lawyers Forum assured continued support and further awareness sessions to be conducted at the school. The event was conducted under the legal awareness division of the organization.

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