Social advocacy and litigation are at the very heart of YLF. 

We as lawyers consider it our prime responsibility to speak for, and give legal representation to the people who lack the means to do so.

Through numerous RTI petitions to the authorities concerned, and media enquiries we came to know that the Right to Education Act, 2009 was effectively inoperative in the UT in the absence.....Read More

The Government of India has established an online RTI portal whereby any Indian Citizen including Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) can apply for information under the Act with any Ministry.....Read More

The issue of sub-optimal operation of Heating and Ventilation systems (HVACs) in Srinagar hospitals, especially in the harsh winter season.....Read More

A public interest litigation was filed in the J&K High Court by members of the YLF team highlighting the issue of the... Read More 

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