Campaign against inaqeduate heating systems in KASHMIR hospitals

Please note that this is a developing story. Last updated on 00:01 hrs / 16.01.2022

The issue of sub-optimal operation of Heating and Ventilation systems (HVACs) in Srinagar hospitals, especially in the harsh winter season, has been reported in multiple news outlets over multiple points of time in the past decade. Despite this, there has been no formal acknowledgment of this issue by any of the hospital authorities. In order to get a deeper insight into this problem, Young Lawyers Forum sought information under the Right to Information Act from various hospitals of Srinagar. The responses have revealed a concerning state of affairs regarding heating management in a prominent public hospital in Srinagar.

The detailed story as published by Kashmir Life can be read here

RTI Responses health.pdf

UPDATE ( January 14, 2022)

In continuation of our campaign against inadequate heating arrangements in Srinagar hospitals, the YLF has submitted representations to the Hon'ble Lieutenant Governor of Jammu And Kashmir and Director Health Services, Kashmir requesting them to take immediate notice of the matter.

The representations have been filed in the backdrop of the revelations made through the RTI responses from various major public hopitals of Srinagar.

Representation L.G. Girevance Cell.pdf

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