It's really heartbreaking that there are thousands of people who become victims of exploitation each day, without even realizing that they have been exploited. Millions of individuals continue to live without access to justice merely because they are either unaware of the mechanisms or do not have the means to access them. There is a need to change, and it is only possible when we strive for a better future.


With an aim to act for a better future, like-minded, public-spirited young law students came together to contribute to the society, using law as the means, which gradually took the shape of the Young Lawyers Forum (YLF). At YLF, law students, lawyers, legal activists work collectively towards imparting legal awareness, legal education and providing free legal aid and advice. Besides disseminating legal knowledge, YLF also promotes legal research and undertakes pro-bono litigations regarding matters of public interest and environmental protection.

Here's a little overview of the 'young lawyers' forming YLF


Khurram Qureshi

President & Head, Litigation 

A strong advocate for civil, political and socio-economic rights, Khurram is a licensed attorney from Kashmir. He believes that law can be an instrumental tool in shaping a just society, and it has led him to work for legal aid and social litigation right from the inception of his law degree. Previously he worked with organisations specialising in human rights, public accountability and social advocacy. During his law school, he served as the vice president of the law society. Additionally, he is a life member at the Red Cross Society.


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Mohammad haris mir

General Secretary & PRO

A civil services aspirant Mohammad Haris Mir is an attorney at law and alumni of Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Primarily interested in constitutional & international law, Haris has several publications to his name in the sphere of International Trade Law and Refugee Law. For leisure, Haris is an amateur photographer and a keen reader of non-fiction.


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Ubaid nazir mir


With a strong will and determination to work for the empowerment of his society, Ubaid aspires to be the change he wants to see in the world. He is a law graduate and aspires to advocate for human rights and dignity as a lawyer. He has worked as a volunteer and legal intern with several organisations and legal firms to hone his legal and research skills. Apart from his professional life, he enjoys watching competitive sports and is a huge cinephile.


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Ummar Jamal

Head, Networking

Ummar Jamal is a 4th year law student at the University of Kashmir. Primarily interested in contemporary politics, judicial reforms and theology, Ummar aims to work to augment and expedite the process of justice in India. He is also the National spokesperson of the Jammu and Kashmir Students Association and debate coordinator at the Law society of his law school. He works as campus ambassador of Live Law and Lawtopus, two leading legal websites in India. Additionally, he writes columns in leading news portals, magazines and newspapers. 

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  MAH-NAshit uzma

Head, Research and Human Resources

Managing Editor, JLTP

A poet at heart and activist in spirit, Mah-Nashit Uzma is an attorney-at-law in Kashmir. An excellent orator and debater, Mah-Nashit is also a gold medallist for her bachelor in law degree. She recently completed her master's law degree from the University of Hong Kong as a Wong Family Scholar. Her primary areas of interest are Public International Law (Human Rights and Humanitarian Law) and Gender Rights. She has previously served with different human rights organisations in the areas of human trafficking, torture, enforced disappearances, use of pellet guns,  Gender-based violence and minority rights. 


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MohD. Tuyyab Malik

Chief Technology Officer

Tuyyab, a lawyer and a tech enthusiast, is a strong believer of a digital future. During the journey of his law school, Tuyyab has advocated for the integration of legal processes and technology, and has made various representations to the Government and pursued Public Interest Litigation in the J&K High Court for the implementation of tech based information systems in the legal field. He is YLF's technical leader and the man behind its web presence. He aspires to join judicial services in times to come.



Honorary Founding Member

Abrar Reyaz was a legal prodigy, a law-student, a blogger and a columnist. His knowledge was way ahead of his age and his primary interests included contemporary politics, legal theory and legal philosophy. He was a contributor to several newspapers, magazines and blogs. Some of his writings and opinion pieces have been acknowledged and published in – The Quint, Counter Currents, Oracle Opinions, Kashmir Life and in different local newspapers including – Rising Kashmir, Kashmir Reader, The Kashmir Images, Kashmir Observer and elsewhere.
He passed away on the 30th of June 2020 as an aftermath of a tragic road accident and medical negligence in Kashmir.

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